Explainer Videos
Cape Town

“The very best Explainer Videos Cape Town has to offer.”

We Create.

1. Pre-production

Firstly, we go through great lengths to prepare all pre-production so the end result is always a success. Starting with research, scripting, all the way to creating storyboards.

2. Production

Secondly, as we are qualified over many mediums, we are offer full-audio-visual production and anything required inbetween.

3. Deliverables

Thirdly, as we deliver top quality deliverables in whatever we do, we’ll make sure you receive your product in full HD, as well as any supporting content.

4. Optional Extras

Last but never least, we’re always looking at how we can go the extra mile to create the most potential success for any project we take on. From social media to animated GIFs, we’ve got your back, so please never hesitate to ask.

Our Video
Production Approach

Looking for specialists in video production? First off, we cover all animated video production services ideal for promoting and explaining your business and it’s products or services. Furthermore, we offer you research before we begin, storyboard design, scripts to tie it all together, and music that’s royalty-free. We’ll produce it, from start to finish.

In addition to all the above mentioned, we also edit raw action footage, meaning killer online content for your next vlog. Furthermore, we’ll even create GIFs, memes or any illustration your mind can dare to imagine.

Due to The Agency being such a close-knit team, you’ll have our interactive support every single step of the way. Therefore, If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed either.


Stand Out From
THE Crowd

Why choose us to be your next partner in crime? Because of our agency size, we will constantly be heavily invested in each project you hand us. And even though we’ll be taking as much weight off of your shoulders as possible, we also offer you optional training so that you can be as involved in the process as you’d like to be.

Our studio is professional yet modest. Because we don’t spend money on boasting large luxury offices, we can afford to be affordable.


Let’s Work Together.