Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

When Google Shouts, SEOs Jump

Google updates are occurring more frequently. It’s gone from a handful of algorithm updates to thousands of changes throughout the year. With the increased rate of daily uploads of information, Google has, in turn, had to increase its amount of updates to keep up. Think of the internet as a messy room, and people just keep throwing more and more clutter into it. Google acts as an ‘organiser’ by using a ranking system made up of a whole series of algorithms.

Google updates can, unfortunately, affect the ranking of your site. If you’ve been using ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques, you might find you’ve been negatively affected. As an SEO specialist agency, we’re here to tell you how you can secure your rankings and face Google updates with a little less sweat on your forehead.


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What are Algorithms?

With the amount of information available on the internet, it would be a nightmare trying to sort through it without some kind of guidance. Google’s ranking systems are there to bring us the most relevant web pages according to what we’ve searched.

Wikipedia says algorithms are ‘a finite sequence of well-defined computer-implementable instructions’. It’s okay; we didn’t understand at first, either. Algorithms are essential to formalising data and information in a way that aims to produce some kind of result. The simplest example of an algorithm is a recipe; its specific measurements and instructions guide you to making the perfect cake.

When it comes to the use of algorithms in search engines, it guides them in bringing accurate results for whatever you enter into the search tab. It should be the main goal of any SEO specialist agency to help your page receive a high ranking through organic SEO practices.

How do Google Updates Affect my Ranking?

No SEO specialist agency can ever predict when a Google update will occur or how the update will affect one’s site. Search engines are there to serve people, and people are continually changing. When our behaviour changes technology has to evolve to keep up with our wants and needs. SEOs must give more consideration to the practices used for reaching searchers because by now, there are millions.

Marketing trends seem to change overnight, and many SEOs are taking to the likes of ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques. If you’re indulging in the Google algorithm’ cheat sheet’ you will eventually get caught. Google aims to amplify user experience and for users on the web that means receiving accurate search results. Those who use shady techniques to increase the ranking of their sites are the ones sweating when Google updates occur.

Algorithm updates change the way Google scores the quality of your website. You may bask in the glory of your high ranking for now, but Google updates could change that in the blink of an eye. Marketing tactics that were relevant today could easily be irrelevant tomorrow. If your SEO specialist agency does not encourage the use of organic SEO practices, you will most likely find your page(s) in Google update cuffs.

How do I Become Friends With Google?

If you want to be number one on Googles SERPs (search engine result pages) the best way to achieve it is doing things the way Google would. Because updates have become more frequent and unpredictable, it’s in your sites best interest to make use of organic SEO practices. You want to build a relationship with Google based on trust as well as authority.

Google rewards your site just for abiding by its rules. Add quality content into the mix, and you’re on your way to being safe from the penalties that algorithms may throw at you. You’re probably annoyed with hearing it by now, but the quality of your content largely contributes to how high or low Google scores your site for its SERPs. Your content must pinpoint the information that the searcher has requested. Shift your focus to making content well-written as well as understandable.

There is also the importance of building quality backlinks from trusted websites. Reaching out to bloggers, collaborating with influencers and related sites are all ‘White Hat’ SEO methods that assist in increasing organic rankings. This method also protects and sustains your rankings on the often gloomy days of Google updates. Think of it as packing your links away for a rainy day.

What do I do When the Next Update Occurs?

If you’ve faithfully abided by Googles rules, you most likely won’t have to take any action. Google updates, however, are random, and you can never be sure how they will affect your site. Even with the use of the best SEO practices, you may still experience a drop in your rankings.

Future-proofing your site is essential to protecting your website from reacting badly to core algorithm updates. Also, if you’ve created a trust-worthy site, both Google and its searchers will stay loyal to you. Even if your rankings decrease, faithful users will make an effort to find your page to retrieve information because they’ve learnt to trust the content you give them.

We doubt you’ll ever read about the topic of SEO without the mentions of the importance of quality, so bear with us. No one ever gets very far by cheating, and it’s no exception to online marketing. Google handles about 1.2 trillion searches in a year, and this is the main reason why it has to separate quality from spammy and deceptive content.

When your SEO specialist agency creates trustworthy and authoritative sites, Google updates won’t ever have to worry you. The trick is, however, building trust through organic rankings, backing up your links with trusted websites and (don’t roll your eyes) producing quality content.

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