The Technological Evolution of an Online Marketing Agency

The Technological Evolution of an Online Marketing Agency

Technology is advancing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. In fact, one just needs to look at the modern cellular technology we have today compared to the brick cellular phone of yesteryear to see how far we’ve come in a matter of years.  Technology today can expedite your online marketing growth campaigns like never before. If keeping up with online technology is doing your head in, and you can’t see the wood for the trees, an online marketing agency can help you see your way more clearly in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

How an online marketing agency stays on top of technology

The Technological Evolution of an Online Marketing Agency

Technological developments can be complex to understand, let alone execute. And hence is the reason why a business would choose to bring an online marketing agency into the fold. Driven by technological change, it is one of the core reasons why an online marketing agency exists – to help businesses thrive in an ever-changing environment where one cannot afford to be left behind – not even for a minute. An online marketing agency has the tools and expertise to propel your online marketing strategy to be in full swing at all times.

Technological developments in digital marketing

This year may already be starting to draw to a close. Still, as far as technological developments go, these are only just beginning to revolutionise online marketing in a big way.

Content marketing

An online marketing agency can help to create a valuable content marketing strategy for your business. Blogs, newsletters, and social media are all types of inbound marketing that are value-orientated. Moreover, content that is beneficial to your target audience is created for them and with them in mind. An online marketing agency can create a content marketing plan that offers something valuable to your readers; it is the differentiator between your business and your competitors.

Video marketing

Video marketing is fast becoming an accessible and highly engaging way to invite visitors into your world. There is a vast difference between reading an explanation of something and watching an explanation of something. An online marketing agency uses video marketing to translate a complex (and even simple) concept, making it easier to comprehend and remember.

Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented or virtual reality transcends time and location limitations by providing an illusionary real-world experience of a place or product – without being physically present. Furthermore, augmented reality makes use of digitally enhanced photo lenses to capture the essence of your product. In contrast, virtual reality allows visitors to step into a world of realism and fantasy for an experience that is literally out of this world. An online agency can assist your business in creating this lifelike experience for your customers to enjoy.

The rise of chatbots

Chatbots are the future of web design and the future of where customer service is heading. Chatbots are a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) where machines are tasked to handle basic forms of customer interaction – programmatically. They provide instantaneous customer service, prompting help and assistance when visitors need it most. An online marketing agency can develop your website with this useful feature; thereby, ensuring that your customer is taken care of at all times.

The popularity of voice search

Voice search is becoming an increasingly common method of searching online for something. Furthermore, it is less time-consuming and in some ways more ‘fun’ than typing in a search query. When creating an online SEO strategy for your business, an online marketing agency will need to employ new SEO techniques to understand and satisfy voice search queries more accurately than your competition.

Social media is here to stay

Social media is here to stay and is cementing its place as part of our everyday reality. In fact, the real question is not about who’s not on social media these days, but instead – who isn’t? Therefore, if you want to improve your customer service engagement levels, using social media marketing as a two-way form of instant communication is the ideal platform to do so. An online marketing agency will use social media to keep you connected with your audience – ready and willing to answer any question or address any concerns at the drop of a hat.

In conclusion, technology is progressing fast – blink, and you might miss out on a golden opportunity. Consequently, this is where an online marketing agency can help keep your business up to speed with up-and-coming developments.

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