Why an SEO Agency Is a Must-Have for Your Website

Why an SEO Agency Is a Must-Have for Your Website

Let’s face it – Google’s algorithms are an enigma. Nonetheless, an SEO agency that employs the right SEO tactics can help increase your website’s visibility and beat out competitors.  SEO should be a critical component of your website make-up, ensuring that potential customers can find your website easily. On the other hand, a website that doesn’t have a strong SEO focus won’t rank as high on search engines. This is a lost opportunity to reach a market share that is searching for a solution you could offer them.   

The benefits of using a design agency for your website

Why an SEO Agency Is a Must-Have for Your Website

The benefits of using a design agency to increase your website’s visibility are invaluable. It should be the goal of every website to rank high on major SERPs, most notably on Google as the most popular search engine. To delve further into what the right SEO agency can do for your website, here are some of the major benefits

Increased awareness

A good SEO agency will implement an SEO strategy that aims to put your website on the first page on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on popular search engines like Google or Bing. The higher your website ranks on search engines, the more people will find your website by searching for the keywords that you optimised for.

Increased traffic to your website

Now that your website has landed on the first SERP, the chances of potential customers actually clicking on your link are much higher. In fact, your website is 70% more likely to be clicked on if it’s ranked on the first page of Google. This means more traffic and potentially higher conversion rates.

Higher brand authority

Google is by far the most popular search engine with audiences close to the 4 billion mark. As such, ranking high on Google is competitive and a tough nut to crack. Its complex algorithms are tailored to produce only the most user-friendly and relevant results. An SEO agency can can help you master the algorithm and create better credibility for your website.  A strong SEO strategy positions you as a trusted and reputable source for information that caters well to searcher intent.

Organic SEO can be more effective than paid strategies

Research has shown that organic SEO methods are often more effective in the long term compared to other forms of paid online marketing. Working with a trusted SEO agency means that your inbound SEO marketing strategy will show results in the long run.  Not only is this more cost-effective, but it’s also a non-intrusive way of reaching people that are already interested in your offerings.

The most important SEO elements for your website

SEO elements that an SEO agency will incorporate into your website design to make it more search engine friendly include: 

Page Titles with the right keywords

Page titles play a key role in your website’s ranking. Therefore, choosing the right keywords for the page titles on your website is essential to ensure that your keywords reflect the content on your page. Your keyword should be specific enough to capture the attention of your audience when  they search for the keyword or phrase. 

Creating optimised content for your website

Content creation is a valuable form of inbound marketing. Content marketing provides free, useful and valuable information to your audience. Thereby attracting, engaging and retaining existing and potential customers. An SEO agency creates quality content for your website and covers relevant keywords in topics that your audience is interested in. This also assists Google in finding these pages to match to the applicable search queries.

Incorporating Off-page SEO tactics

Off-page SEO tactics relate to SEO efforts that are externally related. These tactics can include obtaining backlinks from other websites that link back to your site to improve the authority and credibility of your website. Apart from backlinks, other off-page SEO tactics that SEO agencies employ include guest blogging, videos and infographics. They may also reach out to influencers to link back to your website.

The addition of local SEO practices

Local SEO is also showing an upward tick as people search for products or services that are close to them. Examples of local SEO practices an SEO agency will manage include listing your website on platforms like Google My Business, Google Maps and Google+. 

Do you want to get your website noticed and rank for the much vied for first search result in Google? If so, then choosing the right SEO agency in Cape Town is essential.

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