Why Does my Business Need SEO?

Importance of SEO for your Business

Why Does Your Business Need SEO? As the saying goes, “either you are an entrepreneur, or you work for one.” Regardless of the side that you fall on, online business prospects and understanding how to grow a business via the internet has become an essential part of working for brands and building businesses. Sure, the old fashioned phone call every now and then to check in with existing clients is still relevant, but it should not take the place of online marketing efforts.

With smartphones and constant secure internet lines as the new normal, most people have an unlimited connection to information and other people.

So, if you are a business owner, you should pay careful attention to the insights that follow. For anyone seeking business growth at a sustainable pace, a recipe of social media, email marketing, and SEO strategies should always be in effect. But not only as a follow up to in-person communications, and preferably as the primary marketing initiative.

You see, today’s consumer acts with haste and doesn’t have time to sit around and wait to be contacted. They are go-getters who expect to be able to open up any search platform. After a simple keyword search, find what they were looking for. SEO is a vital cog in the machine that works to achieve that.

Benefits Of SEO For Your Business - The Agency

Here are three of our favourite reasons why we believe your business needs to start implementing an SEO strategy today.  

1. SEO and UX are in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Consumers expect nothing less than comprehensive and informative content on a beautifully built, easy to navigate website. However, very few businesses fully understand the importance of user experience (UX) in improving a site’s organic ranking. The algorithms of Google and its fellow search engines have learnt how to interpret the UX of any given website and to decide whether it is favourable or not.

Google itself is a clear example of how consumers behave when they believe in and trust a brand. They manage to leverage their brand’s essence and unique offering to create business ROI via a resolved and practical user experience.

2. Local is lekker! (Yes, that’s a cheesy one — just hear us out!) 

Especially when it means increased engagement and traffic — but you know, the right kind. For any brand or business to be effective in their efforts and to achieve their goals, those behind the brand must understand the targeted audience like they know their closest of friends. Don’t stress; you don’t even have to like them, no. All you have to do is understand them well enough to be able to convince them to purchase your products and engage with your content. Once this level of knowledge and understanding has been acquired, an SEO strategy can be chosen.

Target audiences are key when implementing a local SEO strategy as these focus on optimising a site’s digital properties to target a specific location or area. Through local SEO, areas of the target are optimised to establish a viable platform for a brand’s messaging.

3. “SEO Please Report to the Checkout; SEO to the Checkout, Please. Thank You.”

You guessed it, SEO has an underrated role to play in the buying behaviour of any consumer, both current and potential.
Customers talk. Customers shop around. And most important of all, customers do their research — tonnes of it. Before buying, consumers want to have peace of mind that the product or service they’re paying their hard-earned cash for, is worthwhile and the right fit. That is the beauty of the internet. As a business owner, you now have a say in how your brand is perceived. Through an SEO strategy, you can relay positive brand messages to your audience and communicate on a more personal level.

For your online presence to be truly impactful and affect business growth, it needs to be visible. This is the importance of SEO with regards to business ROI. A local SEO strategy can assist with enhancing this visibility by letting consumers find the businesses providing the answers.

Change is the only constant. And unfortunately, brands that don’t innovate die out. As with any industry, things are always moving forward, and best practices are continually being updated within the SEO space. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have the right SEO specialist on your team; one who understands this ever-changing landscape and is flexible to move with the times and well, Google.

Located in the heart of Cape Town, our team of SEO specialists are at the forefront of digital innovation and fully prepared to assist your businesses and brands with all things SEO.

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