5 Blogs to Follow

Needing some inspiration for your online presence?

Whilst many large companies in the world outside of the tech sector have adopted a content-driven marketing model, many do not have active blogs. Many businesses which do attempt to blog make the mistake of writing about their own product instead of being a voice for the industry. These are the blogs causing us all to fall asleep on our keyboards.

However, these blogs have proven that the word ìcorporateî doesn’t always mean boring, although we understand if that was your first thought when looking at the headline.

In this article we’re going to show you 5 corporate blogs that you should be following if you wish to stay ahead of the curve.




1. Hubspot
Hubspot are a B2B (business to business) company which assist in creating and optimising marketing funnels for their clients. They handle blogging, SEO, landing pages, analytics, and more. Often compared to industry giants Kissmetrics, Hubspot has used content marketing to fuel their growth. Most marketing tactics searches will have a Hubspot article on the first page, testifying to the success of the content marketing model.


2. Contently
Another business thriving on content marketing’s long term benefits is Contently, which has seen tremendous growth stemming from their blog, The Content Strategist. Posts on this site are divided into several categories so users can locate content with ease. These articles are useful for those looking to get into online marketing but are at a loss as to what that even means.


3. Optimizely
Intensive analytics and straight-to-the-point posts have contributed to the success of Optimizely, which gives marketers they information they need to make well-informed business decisions. From seasoned veterans to complete newbies, this site caters for all.


4. Whole Foods Market
Moving away from B2B businesses, Whole Foods has a tasty edition to this list in the form of it’s blog, which provides recipes, best practices, exciting product ideas and reviews. The company also uses this as a convenient platform for their online sales, although this is made subtle so as not to dissuade people from reading the blog. The articles are fun and the recipes are great, not one to be missed!


5. Marriott
Bill Marriott has become a household name in corporate blogging, with the Marriott chairman doing all of his own posts once a week. Millions of sales have been generated by the blog and the blog has been used as a platform for information about the company and their properties.

These blogs all work on content marketing, which has exponentially increased their profits through direct sales and indirect advertising through their enjoyable and informative articles.