The Holiday season is over and January is in full swing, and even though Cape Town experienced it’s first Black Friday sales boost last year, retail chains are slowly realising that having a physical retail presence is no longer essential to increasing sales.

Physical stores require staff, rent and other overheads. Social media is now the focus of many marketing strategies. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have the potential to reach millions of people around the world, and with the right social media strategy a business can send their sales into the stratosphere.

Social media posts only cost small amounts of time to add up and create a direct connection between the company and all potential customers. This way, feedback is almost instant and plans can be tweaked in real-time.

Marketing Tips

Here are five ideas for those looking to boost their online sales in the year ahead.

A. Use a combination of generic and unique #Hashtags

When having a sale, do not be shy with generic hashtags linking you to other businesses of the same nature, but be sure to use some unique hashtags to make your business stand out from the crowd. It will take some time to find a happy medium between distinctive hashtags and generic options, but when you do find that formula, use it! Be sure to use the same hashtags across all of your social platforms.

B. Promote Free Shipping

Now that the post-Christmas hangover has abated and everyone is looking at the money they spent during the holidays, online sales will be hit the hardest but waiving shipping costs to those who visit your site through a social media platform will grow your audience and boost your sales during one of the hardest months of the year.

C. Generate Leads through Giveaways

Along with free delivery, promotions in the form of giveaways will help market your business on social media and generate interest in your brand. Giveaway promotions which require a sign-up page with the option of receiving a newsletter are the most effective as they create a direct connection between the business and the audience.

D. Go Mobile

Is your site optimized for mobile? If the answer is no, consider doing this as soon as possible. Most people connect with social media via their smartphones, and Facebook mobile usage exceeds that of the desktop browser version. This means that any promotion you put on social media will most likely be accessed via a mobile device. Any inconvenient links will be quickly overlooked as potential customers move onto more accessible sites.The easier it is to buy an item from your site, the higher your sales will be.

E. Post Pictures

Pictures are often more important than words when it comes to social media posts. Words on pictures are the best way to convey a written message as they tend to be the most popular posts. Encourage fans to like and share your posts, as new algorithms implemented by Facebook will re-post a link every time a comment is made on it. The more comments from different people, the more exposure your brand will experience.

If these and other strategies are sounding geek to you, contact us at The Agency to create and manage your online presence!