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Custom Web Design vs. Templates

Custom Web Design vs. Templates: Just like there is a right and wrong way to act around your mother-in-law, there is also a right and wrong way to present the face of your business with custom web design.

Custom Web Design - Spider Web

Imagine showing up at a bakery for a delicious chocolate doughnut, and they only serve pencils. It would make no sense.

Would you turn up to a wedding or funeral in a Speedo? Although there are some weird and wonderful creatures out there, this is highly unlikely for most of us. So, why should the way one presents oneself be any different to the way you present your business? Your website reflects your brand and its products, so you need to showcase it well.

After all, your business is your brand. It is an extended representation of you. The more professional it looks, the more credibility you will receive. And don’t forget that you’ll likely be impressing the mother-in-law in the process! Bonus!

So maybe you ARE a Speedo-to-a-wedding type of guy, and people have not been taking well to your under-dressed attire. Well, have no fear, we’re here to save your butt. Pun intended.

So what’s the difference? Custom web design is tailored to suit you.

User Experience (UX):

The first way of suiting up to fit the profile is making sure you have both a custom web interface as well as experience. Sure you could try making use of various free templates on the web, but is it possible to find as much of a snug fit?

Remember the weird and wonderful creatures mentioned earlier? Although there is a uniformly ‘neat’ way to present your business, much like them, each business is unique. And that’s exactly why custom design allows you to cater to those exact audiences, unlike most standard templates.

Picture custom web design as a perfectly tailored suit. They are made uniquely for YOU, as an individual. They are unlike any other generic ones, which may be great in certain areas, but fall short in others. Yes, Linda, that dress does make you look fat!

‘’Looks aren’t always the only thing that counts, it’s what’s inside too.’’

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

If you are talking personality, Linda, then yes, the inner parts of the website are just as important.

Custom web design means that you will have custom coding done for your website as well. This means Google search engines are more likely to find you because of your custom SEO, a match made in Google heaven!

Nemo was only trying to touch the boat, he wasn’t trying to land up lost.

User Interface (UI):

When it comes to custom web design, user experience, and user interface, the three go directly hand-in-hand. When you make use of templates, you can’t zone-in on these as much as you might like to.

Touching a button, landing up somewhere entirely undesired, and not being able to get back to where you want to be, is far less than anyone’s idea of fun. Making things easily accessible is a fast-track ticket to making everyone happy. Trust us, and Nemo.