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Gaining Exposure and Boosting Your Sales

How to boost your sales: Exposure is a word you will hear often when dealing with any company’s marketing strategy, and the reason can be summed up into a simple question.

Have you ever bought a product because you associated the brand with quality?

Of course, you have!

Exposure is the greatest reason to market a product. Since the dawn of sales, advertising and marketing on every platform have been exploited in the pursuit of increased revenue.

In psychology, they call it the “mere-exposure” effect, which refers to the fact that people tend to like and use what they already know. This effect is also known as the familiarity principle. Think of the current big names in any industry: Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, Microsoft. One of the things which they have in common is that they are synonymous with their products, to the point of becoming the product itself. Think of another common term for searching for something online. This is the power of the familiarity principle.

Write engaging copy to boost your sales and exposure!

Having actionable content on your site can make a huge impact on your exposure and conversion rates. This is because it sells the product before the customer has the time to consider all of the hundreds of options available on the internet. Even if it doesn’t, your audience is more likely to choose your product when comparing if they have engaged with your content.

Here Are a Few Tips for Creating Engaging Content and Boost Sales:

  • Add some personality – There are not many things as bad as a boring copy. When writing, add some flavour in the form of humour or insight to add a “human” element.
  • Use stories which resonate with potential customers – Every potential customer which visits your site has “triggers” – things relating to their own life which will make your copy stand out. Use stories that appeal to customers’ hobbies and interests to engage with them.
  • Conduct surveys – As previously discussed, surveys are a time-efficient and effective way of discovering the people behind your customers and what motivated them to buy your product.

Copywriting is a simple process that many people overcomplicate. There are often various advanced techniques required, but most written content is successful if it is centred on the consumer’s experience.


Surveys are essential to good marketing strategies. It allows your customers to tell you exactly how to sell them. Finding out why a customer chose you shows you what you are doing right and what to do in the future. On the other hand, finding out why a potential customer chose the competition over you is vital to improving your customer service and in turn improving your brand. In essence, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.

One thing to remember when creating a survey is to know WHY you are creating it in the first place.

Is it to improve your website design? To help develop new products? Find out what your competitors are doing differently?

Whilst we’re on the topic, you can use a survey to find out what appeals to your audience. When you find out what made them choose you, put it into future sales messages. Potential customers will resonate with this and your conversion rates will increase.

In short, exposure is the key to tapping the potential revenue streams that the internet has to offer. The trick is simply to use basic techniques such as these whilst remembering to always retain your own style!

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