How Web Design in Cape Town Has Influenced the International Scene

How Web Design in Cape Town Has Influenced the International Scene

Web design in Cape Town is fast becoming the main attraction for many others in the web design space looking for a spot of fresh inspiration. But what is it that has everyone talking? 

Well, when people talk about web design in Cape Town, what you see is what you get; from an analogical perspective, web design in Cape Town showcases the very best of website designs on offer. 

A website’s homepage does the same – it presents who you are and what you do – front and centre, for all to see. Consequently, it is up to design agencies to ensure that your homepage is as dynamic and inspiring as can be.

What is a homepage

How Web Design in Cape Town Has Influenced the International Scene

Your website’s homepage is the gateway to the rest of your website; it is the first page your visitor lands on when they click on your website’s link; it is a snapshot of who you are and what you can offer at a glance, so it best be good. Your homepage should be bite-sized compilations of your best work! It should be a preview of what’s to come, a sample of what’s on offer if you will. 

Where home pages meet web design in cape town

A good homepage must meet specific criteria to ensure it stays the star of the show. In short – it should epitomise simplicity and clarity, and it must be appealing. Homepages should include:

A heading and subheadline

Headlines are essential to any homepage – make no mistake about it. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a succinct and straightforward heading will paint a much clearer picture of your offering than a long-winded, drawn-out one. Snappy headlines that are brief yet clear as day is what you’ll find trending in web design in Cape Town today. 

But just as with any star of the show, there is usually a supporting act. In this case, the subheadline is the supportive description that zeros in on the problem, enlightening the user about the solution only you are equipped to solve. Also important is the layout and intentional use of headings and subheadings (for mobiles in particular) that play a unique yet purposeful role in web design in Cape Town.

Call to action

If the goal of a website is to convert, then one without a call to action defeats the purpose of the homepage – to convert a visitor into a regular customer. In other words, a call to action provides instruction. Web design in Cape Town use CTA’s for this very reason – to prompt visitors to make a decision. 

CTA’s are the point of sale to a transaction; therefore, ensure that they are prominent and included at least two to three times on your homepage for extra emphasis. Of course, there is a fine line between subtle persuasion and a hard sale; secondary CTA’s give the reader options, alleviating the pressure of making a big decision they may not be sure of yet. 

The use of images to tell a story

While good images on homepages are commonplace these days, great images are a rarity. Web design in Cape Town tells your story through images that speak a universal language. Design agencies focus on device compatibility, downsizing images to the correct specs at the optimum resolution for maximum effect. They use special HTML coding to ensure search engines correctly understand images; this enhances your SEO and increases your website’s visibility.

Describe the benefits on offer

Competition is particularly stiff on the web. And users are seeking benefits that will serve them better than the rest. Web design in Cape Town demonstrates your strengths in a manner that draws the eyes and attention of the reader – neatly and expertly laid out on your homepage, representing a professional company that knows what they’re talking about.


A homepage should have the functionality of a directory, easy to use and easy to scan with user-friendliness as a top priority. And that is precisely why web design in Cape Town create user-friendly homepage menus. Show the people what they want, and you’ll end up with one delighted customer willing to take the next step. But, at the end of the day, it’s about giving the reader confidence to remain on the page for more than fifteen seconds instead of turning away and moving on to the next most interesting thing.


Homepages are just but one element of a well-executed website.  This is where web design in Cape Town sets the bar for excellence with web designs that are as fresh and exciting as the city itself. 

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