Cape Town Web Design Trends

Cape Town Web Design Trends

Web design has come a long way since the 90s. What was once a static website design has now become a work of art in motion. It would seem that web design today went from 1.0 to 2.0 seemingly overnight. That’s how fast technology goes – it works while we sleep. However, with Cape Town web design trends at the forefront of website design ingenuity, you can ill afford not to get your website up to speed with what’s taking the world by storm.  

Why the hype about websites?

Cape Town Web Design Trends

The relevancy of a website to a business is indisputable, especially now, where Cape Town web design has the potential to imprint your brand into digital history. A good website is like the Ferarri to your digital exploits. Cape Town web design trends combine a host of SEO strategies to ensure that your website gets the attention it deserves in no time at all.

Cape town web design trends for 2021

Already have a website? Ready to move onto bigger and better things? Here are the Cape Town web design trends for 2021 and beyond.

Retro fonts

Retro fonts make a comeback from a distant reminiscent memory into a topic that’s on everyone’s lips. No longer seen as old and outdated, retro fonts are coming back (or did they ever really go?).  They are now something entirely different and eye-catching, reminiscent of days gone by but with a funkier twist.

Parallax scroll animations

These web animations provide more of an intuitive experience – broadly speaking. With 3D technology, the user experience becomes more interactive rather than solely observant. In addition, parallax scroll animations provide movement and fluidity to a stationary screen that makes the overall user experience that much more vibrant and exciting.

Multimedia Experiences

Cape Town web design trends are also set to include multimedia experiences. Text, audio, images, animation and videos provide a multi-dimensional illustration that tells a unique story to an audience.

Augmented reality

If seeing is believing, then Augmented reality or AR provides the perfect backdrop to paint this picture. Through the lenses of a digital background, combined with physical elements, AR creates both a real and surreal environment that offers a sense of escapism with realism. The end result is an unforgettable interactive user experience that is as lifelike as can be.


Scrollytelling is one of the Cape Town web design trends gaining traction as web designers use visual storytelling to illustrate a point. It’s based on relaying comprehensive information into a storyboard of sorts. With scrollytelling, users can scroll from one captivating “scene” to the next (or even recap a forgotten detail) with the flip of a finger.

Back to black

Cape Town web design trends stick with black as a base colour for website design to make images and text jump out on a screen with bold confidence. 

Cartoon representations

Cartoon representations and illustrations claim their share of the limelight as a fun and interactive way for lifestyle illustrations that are fondly familiar yet still timeless.

Custom cursors

Custom cursors are a unique take on the universal cursor. To think that this hasn’t been changed already comes as somewhat of a surprise, though! Cue -custom cursors, your digitally enhanced cursor with a bit of personality. Custom cursors are a  must-have accessory for website design as far as Cape Town web design trends go.

Audio website design

Audio website design can transform the user experience from just visual to an auditory experience that gives the user the flexibility to change it up when needed. In addition, the user experience is no longer limited to one format but is an extension into an all-inclusive user territory that caters to everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Design templates

A uniform design is beneficial for complimentary products or pages that require a natural (and consistent) flow for thematic emphasis. In addition, templates allow for easy edits when needed instead of overhauling the entire website when changes occur.

There’s no doubt about it; Cape Town web design trends are making waves on the web design scene and will do for decades to come. So the opportunity to join the web design movement is now.

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