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Looking for an SEO Company in Cape Town?

If you’ve clicked on this link you are probably on the hunt for the best SEO company Cape Town has to offer. For any business in Cape Town, SEO has become a necessary marketing tool in a highly competitive online market – businesses all seeking to be at the top of google search pages. If your web page makes it to the top few pages of Google, the more likely potential clients will visit your page. Thus boosting brand awareness, leading to higher sales and more profits.

When looking for a company to increase your search engine marketing. Cape Town-based companies have plenty to offer, but what should you be looking at to differentiate the best SEO company in Cape Town from the rest? Here are five questions to ask when looking at what search engine optimisation Cape Town has to offer.

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1. Does your potential SEO consultant have a list of past and present clients?

A trustworthy SEO consultant should have no problem offering up a list of past and present clients. From here you can gauge what your potential consultancy has done in terms of SEO in Cape Town, nationally, and internationally for their previous clients. While previous companies may not give you analytics, they will most probably give you an indication of whether using your potential SEO consultant has helped their google rankings.

2. What strategy will your potential SEO company use to optimize your rankings?

Your new consultant should have no problem giving you an in-depth strategy of how they plan to optimize your rankings, as well as setting a clear deadline for results. Steer clear of the consultant who will not openly give away his strategy. Your potential consultant should provide you with a technical audit for issues on your website that could lower your SEO rankings.

They should also include strategies for ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ optimization.

3. Does your potential SEO consultancy follow search engines webmaster guidelines?

Google publicly publishes their webmaster guidelines. If your consultant does not abide by these guidelines your website will be relegated to the bottom of google’s list, or at worst banned. Steer clear of a company that uses spammy content, hidden texts, and links, or any other of the common SEO scams that could lose your search rankings.

4. Can your consultant get you to number 1 on the rankings?

If your consultant answers yes run swiftly for another SEO consultant Cape Town has to offer. SEO is an art more than a science; a well-run campaign will boost your rankings but no one can ever guarantee a first-place finish. Also, take heed of anyone who says they have an inside link to Google or any other search engine. Only Google, Yahoo or Bing can control your rankings.

5. Is your SEO consultant experienced in boosting local rankings?

With all the SEO services Cape Town has to offer it is essential to find a company that can boost your local rankings. Local rankings are the bread and butter for small businesses to attract customers in their vicinity. If your website is set up for local SEO, it should pop up when clients are using keywords relevant to your business in your area. Three things that boost your local rankings are adding your businesses city and province to your meta descriptions and title tags, as well as adding your business to local Bing, yahoo and Google directories.

Finding the top of the class SEO specialists in Cape Town is a fairly daunting task. However, by asking the questions above, you should be able to navigate your way through the cop-shops and find the good guys.

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