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Social Media Management Guide to Growth Hacking Your Business

The face of social media management has changed and everyone is jumping on the social media bandwagon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat. The list is endless.

How can you use these social media management opportunities to grow your business quickly?

Growth hacking is a new term, it was coined in 2010, and refers to a person whose job is to rapidly grow and engage the user base of a start-up business – their target is rapid exponential user base growth – every strategy they implement is to produce growth.

Are there social media management companies in Cape Town that deal with growth hacking? If your social media manager is doing their job well, they should be hacking into your online growth in the form of followers. Followers generate leads, leads generate profit. If you’re looking to grow your social media Cape Town following, here are a few growth hacking tips to up your user base and engage them.

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Even the top Social Media Management Consultant in Cape Town would agree, the quickest growth hack is running a competition.

Competitions engage users, they funnel them to your product, they give users incentives to like and want your product. They’re great hack tools because they can run at any time of the year and can change weekly. Competitions also have no limit when it comes to entry requirements. “Sharing competitions”, says one social media agency Cape Town has on offer, “is a great way to use your user’s follower base to increase your own.”

What sort of competitions can you run?

The most popular for new business is called the ‘distribution hack’. The idea is to give away your product. You could also partner with another company to give away a joint prize. Run the competition over a few days, have a countdown, use a #hashtag. The aim of the competition should be generating more likes for your social media pages. Or a landing page where you can mine user data.

Another social media marketing manager Cape Town has procured notes that another great competition campaign can revolve around a holiday or company milestone. 12 days till Christmas? Milk those twelve days with great deals, discounts and product giveaways, holidays are the eggnog of the marketing world. Did your company’s twitter page just get 2000 followers? Share the good news and your appreciation of your followers by giving them the opportunity to win free things.

The best social media marketing Cape Town has seen always comes with a consolation prize. Announce your winner, but don’t forget to thank your followers. Consolation prizes, such as a small discount for the next time they use your service, is a good start.

When looking for what social media management has to offer, make sure your potential agency or social media manager is geared towards growth hacking, it may just be the key to your start-up’s survival.

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