What to Look For in a Web Design Agency

What to Look For in a Web Design Agency

In the world of online marketing where competition is at its fiercest and friends are few, a well-designed website is your closest ally that will represent your brand to your audience in the best light possible. This is where a good web design agency can take the lead in optimising your website design to create the ultimate user experience.  

Why a good website design is important

What to Look For in a Web Design Agency

The internet is rife with results that provide instant gratification. As such a website that is not up to speed will simply be overlooked.  An informative, well-designed and user-friendly website that appeals to your audience, is vital in entice visitors to stay on your site.  A negative user experience will result in a higher bounce rate. Conversely, a great user experience will result in a lower bounce rate, more traffic to your site and a higher conversion rate.

What makes a website user-friendly?

Creating a user-friendly website is an in-depth process that often requires the services of a web design agency that is skilled in the nuances of web design technology. A good web design agency will have a solid grasp of what it takes to ensure that your website functions at its peak at all times. They will investigate, and design the various elements that will have an impact on your website, ensuring that your website is as user-friendly as possible. 

The attention to white space

The use of white space in your web design is fast becoming a valuable method of drawing attention to the most important elements of your website. Attention should also be given to the consistent use of white space in your website design so that the structure flows nicely and doesn’t detract from the message and purpose of your website.  

Typography and brand colours

The translation of your brand colours to your website should be a natural transitional process; it should be the reinforcement of the colours and style of your brand – just on another medium. But with web design, the translation process is a bit more complicated. At the end of the day, a good web design agency will ensure that the format of your website is compatible with the web.

Mobile versus desktop usability

While desktop usage is still relevant today, it is estimated that by 2025 nearly 75% of the world’s population will be using their smartphones to browse the internet. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that a website that is more mobile-friendly has the potential to yield the best results.  

Website navigation

A website that is easy to navigate will direct your customers to where they want to go with the least amount of effort. The navigability of your website will of course depend on your offering. As a general rule of thumb, it should clearly guide your audience in the direction they wish to go. 

Web design and SEO ranking

Google’s algorithms can sometimes be confounding; however, it’s apparent that good web design can influence your search ranking simply because it caters to the needs of your audience.

How to go about choosing a web design agency

Choosing the right web design agency for your business comes down to choosing the best fit for you. To help you decide, here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction:

  • Take a look at their web design portfolio. This should provide you with a reference point as to what the potential look of your own website could be. 
  • How user-friendly is their website? The proof is in the pudding here and is a representation of what you could most likely expect for your website.
  • Smaller versus bigger web design agencies. There are pros and cons with each; however, smaller web design agencies can often offer you that one-on-one service you might need. This is useful if your business is just starting out or you require a more tailored approach to web design.
  • Are they a culture fit for your business? Sharing similar viewpoints can assure you of a harmonious working relationship; one that can positively escalate towards you seeing the results you desire for your website.

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